Touchless Entrance Solutions.

For years, we have been slowly introducing contactless solutions in our everyday lives. From contactless payments and travel to building entrances and facility use. We have been embracing technology that essentially streamlines time-consuming tasks, and in today's climate, accepting technological change has become more valuable than ever before.

The natural evolution of contactless technology is rapidly transforming into touchless-integrated revolving doors and security entrances. We are seeing less of a divide and more of unification between the two technologies. It is here that a greater opportunity for co-operative systems to work together lies.

A great example of using collaborative technology is through the introduction of BIM. Touchless entrances aim to create a truly hands-free experience for users, and we already see sectors such as retail, hospitality, academic institutions, research facilities and hospitals investing in the Touchless experience.

Working with Touchless Solutions

Touchless entrance solutions can easily be incorporated into your entrance. There are so many opportunities to integrate a host of cutting-edge technologies that prevent the need for user contact, such as:

  • Gesture Control
  • Facial Recognition
  • Bluetooth Reading
  • Voice Recognition

In these instances, we would use touchless technology to replace, or upgrade, entrances that may unnecessarily rely on, person-to-person/ person-device contact - or restrict user building journeys. The benefits of integrating touchless solutions in a building are, but not limited to:

  • Less risk of user cross-contamination
  • Reduction in building energy waste and costs
  • Faster, secure access to destination
  • Offers a higher range of security and access solutions
  • Continuous industry innovation, enhancing user experience
  • Ability to connect once disparate building systems
  • ​Increased visibility to mitigate risks

The Boon Edam Touchless Experience

Our dedicated R&D teams work tirelessly to give our products the vital updates they need. Listening to industry experts and evaluating current climates, our development departments are always looking for new ways to invest in innovation. After many years of developing touchless solutions, we have crafted partnerships which better the lives of our users worldwide.

Retrofitting and Upgrading to a Touchless Solution

Along with partnerships, we have created packages that allow our existing customers to upgrade their Boon Edam products to a touchless entrance solution. The benefits of upgrading your current entry solution are as follows:

  • Converting sliding doors to revolving doors is key to keeping dust, polluted and unfiltered air outside of the building
  • Revolving doors offer controlled building access through segment sizes
  • Automatic upgrades allow for a more contactless entry, decreasing the risk of cross-contamination and regulating user entry
  • There is a wide availability of integrating external access control system, connecting once disparate systems together
  • Retrofitting air curtains can also integrate with internal building technology along with combating polluted air.

Learn more about upgrading or retrofitting your current Boon Edam products today. 





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