Maintenance - Revolving Doors and Turnstiles

We believe that all investments need protection for product continuity, that’s why all products manufactured by us, at Boon Edam, will qualify for a personalised Maintenance Agreement with the ability to pick a level of agreement that’s right for you.

Maintenance Agreements for Revolving Doors and Turnstiles

As our entrance products are often installed at main entrances and high security areas, we recognise that professional installation and rapid response times in the event of a breakdown are essential. Our service and maintenance agreements provide you with the cover and comfort of knowing continued safe entrance operation is achievable at all times.

Prevent breakdowns through our dedicated Service Agreement Teams who are located globally, ensuring that your products are fully maintained throughout their lifecycles. Make sure you receive the right level of maintenance and protection to fit your needs.

More Information

Read more about maintaining and servicing your Boon Edam entrance system to ensure the longevity of your entry. Contact us or click on one of the services below.

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