The Peninsula Hotel

The legendary Peninsula Hotel in the heart of Paris was undergoing a large renovation project and the project’s architect, who specialised in the restoration of exceptional establishments, decided on three Boon Edam Crystal Tourniket revolving doors and one Circleslide to fit their brief of installing a transparent and luxurious entrance.

Maintaining the Signature Five Star Style

Built in 1908 to host the palace “Hotel Majestic”, this palace hotel was due for of an extensive renovation to offer modern facilities, standards and technology while still preserving its historic roots. The restoration took 4 years to complete and the end result is a five-star contemporary hotel which maintains and respects the spirit of the original institution.

The project involved working with the finest artisans with an ancestral knowledge of this landmark building. The architectural renovation was led by AFFINE DESIGN, one of the major architecture and interior design offices in Paris

METALESCA, a metal workshop company located in the North of France, placed the order for the entrance solutions as the revolving doors were in their scope for this project.

Product Specifications:

  • Product: 3 x Crystal automatic and 1 x Circleslide
  • Diameter: 2400 mm
  • Height: 2450 mm
  • Canopy Height: 18 mm for the Crystal Tourniket and 300 mm for the Circleslide
  • Electrical: Drive in the floor for the Crystal and in the canopy for the Circleslide
  • Finish: Black powder coating 9004

A Strong Collaboration

Projects like these involve many collaborators, and for this one we are working with the below in our quest to secure the space:



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