Stockholm Central Station

Originally designed in 1871, Stockholm Central Station holds a long and proud history which includes magnificent artworks and architecture within the original building. The building itself is historically listed and has an obligation to retain the past, whilst bringing with this status a lot of restrictions around aesthetics.

Owners Jernhusen, architects AIX and Boon Edam have been collaborating to find the best solution for this historical entrance hall. This entry solution needed to be true to the authentic beauty and atmosphere of the original space while still meeting the modern demands placed on traffic flow and energy savings.

"The goal was to let people experience the whole atmosphere of this historic listed building, from floor to ceiling. We also wanted to have the old and the new come together in a natural way," says AIX Architectural Conservator Johan Rittsél.


A set of three full glass, 3-winged Crystal Tourniket automatic revolving doors with integrated heaters were installed. Each door is capable of handling the throughput capacity of 1.740 persons per minute in both directions in addition to being able to manage sustainable climate-control. The Crystal Tourniket doors have collapsible door wings which create an easy escape route in the event of an emergency – ideal for a large public area.




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Project: Stockholm Central Station

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