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Architects Wasfy Taha and Fionn Mögel of Querkopf-Architekten were given the assignment of creating a new face for the insurance company HanseMerkur in Hamburg. During kickoff, the architects noticed that the existing building near the Dammtor train station was an inconsistent 'architectural mix'.

The offices of the traditional company are located in the historic building 'Haus Wedells', which consists of a structure from the 90s and a glass atrium. A spacious entrance hall was used as a transition space to connect the different architectural styles, which made a tragic architectural statement.

The architects of Querkopf-Architekten decided to design the entrance area as a sculpture, in which the 'past' and 'present' would be architecturally merged into 'the future'. This is not only reflected in the futuristic design, but also in the materials used. They deliberately chose an 'outside the box' approach in designing the entrance as an expressive continuation of the glass atrium to the urban space. The basic form of the entrance is a rectangular pavilion with a six-meter continuous glass façade and a fully glazed ceiling that extends over six meters without support.

For the main entrance, Boon Edam supplied a Crystal Tourniket full glass revolving door that befits the glass façade. In the reception area behind the revolving door, there is a bank of white Speedlane Swing speedgates to prevent unauthorized access into the building.

Timelapse construction

Watch a timelapse of the construction with the end results of interior and exterior design in this video by Querkopf Architekten:








Crystal Tourniket revolving door 
Speedlane Swing speedgate 


Corporate Headquearters




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