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Pharmaceutical Company Opt for Boon Edam Security Door in a Retrofit Project

Swansea, United Kingdom - Pharm Research Associates Ltd is a research centre founded in 1996, which provides commercial, physical and biological research and development. The company had previously installed a Crystal Tourniket revolving door at their Reading Head Office and turned, once again, to Boon Edam for expert advice on their Swansea upgrade.

Pharm Research Associates needed to refurbish the entrance at their facility based in Swansea. Before the refurbishment, the entrance at the Swansea site had a revolving door installed which was not a Boon Edam product. The pre-existing door was beginning to lose functionality, and Pharm Research Associates required an upgraded replacement.

Access Controlled Entry

Pharmaceutical companies require enhanced levels of security due to sensitive data which is, more often than not, held on site. There is always a critical need to monitor and control who is entering the building, ensuring unauthorised access and security risks are prevented. Besides requiring an access control solution to support the company’s high security requirements, there was a more general need for the traffic flow of people entering and exiting the building to be controlled.  

The client worked closely with Boon Edam to establish potential threats and ensure the appropriate level of security was incorporated into the new entry solution. It was important for the selected product to be correct, not only to meet the buildings requirements, but also to fit with the existing culture. Initially, there were concerns from on-site employees about the perceived access issues brought on by heightened security measures.

“The original door was installed by another entrance provider, not only was it an old performing product, it was obvious to me that the door did not serve the true purpose of what our client required,” said Neil Simons, National Sales Manager for Boon Edam Limited.

A Confident and Thorough Evaluation

Boon Edam’s team met with the client to present a range of possibilities and provided reassurance that heightened security would not be problematic, or affect the smooth operation of the entrance. Upon evaluating the range of entry options, the client chose Boon Edam’s automatic Tourlock 180 revolving door with an aluminium finish for Pharm Research Associates’ entrance.

The client decided on a Tourlock 180 high security revolving door with four wings and an added one-way weight system for their upgraded entrance. The Tourlock’s weight system offers a high level of anti-tailgating detection and has sensitive scales integrated into the floor of the door to assess the weight of the visitor. The system is set to a pre-defined weight limit, ensuring that any tailgating attempt is also effectively prevented.

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