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Edam, the Netherlands, June 2018 - Boon Edam has been busy over the past few months with some inspiring installations around the world. We are thrilled to be able to share a few of them with you here.

Queen Elizabeth Floating Hotel – Dubai

Frequently referred to as simply the QE2, this retired ocean liner which was built in Clydebank, Scotland for the Cunard Line was once one of the world’s most prestigious and renowned cruise ships. Between 1969 and 2008, she did more than 800 transatlantic crossing, steamed six million miles, carried 2.5 million passengers and was even sent to war. After 39 great years, she is now retired in Dubai. After 10 years in this metropolis, the ship has finally opened its doors as a 13 deck hotel situated at Port Rashid. Boon Edam Middle East installed an impressive 4-wing revolving door at the entrance to the lobby. The entrance is perfectly aligned with the ships brand in that it is streamlined, premium and a real statement to all those who enter into the world of luxury.

Nordea Domicil Ørestaden - Denmark

Situated next to the DR City, Nordea's office in Ørestaden is a shining example of beautiful and well-thought-out construction. Right in the early stages of the design phase, Boon Edam Denmark was invited to advise on the entrances to this impressive site. We won the contract to install not only three 4-wing Tourniket revolving doors at the entrance to the reception area, but also a bank of speed gates, strategically positioned in the building to prevent unauthorised entrance to sensitive areas within. The end result speaks for itself and all parties are very pleased. The revolving doors are spinning happily and the many Speedlane Lifelines are already playing an important role in providing employees a safe and secure working day.

3 x Crafthouse Restaurants – USA, Northern Virginia

Boon Edam Inc. collaborated closely with the upscale Crafthouse chain of restaurants to combat the issue of keeping the cold and unwelcoming air outside the chain of cosy eateries in chilly North Virginia. The existing swinging doors were replaced with BoonAssist Tourniket manual revolving doors which provide the perfect solution to the issue at hand, as well as help to enhance the upmarket vibe of the brand.

“Snow and cold air could blow in and disturb the customers,” said CEO and founder Evan Matz. “The revolving door not only blocks out the elements but creates a smooth entrance for customers as opposed to swing doors that can jam. I can also fit more tables with the space savings and that brings in a tangible ROI.” 

A Strong Collaboration

Projects like these involve many collaborators, and we are happy to say that our role in projects like those above is so rewarding when we finish with happy customers and see the end-users enjoying the experience of entering through our products in a welcome and secure way.


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