EVRY Securely Welcomes with Lifeline Speedlane Swing Speed Gates

EVRY_Stockholm_Sweden_Boon Edam_Speed_Gates

Stockholm, Sweden, April 2018 – Our colleagues at Boon Edam in Sweden recently installed a bank of impressive ‘Black Edition’ Lifeline Speedlane Swing speed gates in the reception area of the innovative IT companies – EVRY.

Sleek Innovative Access Control

EVRY is one of the leading IT services and software providers in the Nordic region providing security solutions for the Scandinavian people in their everyday life. After experiencing the speed gates personally during a visit to the Boon Edam Stockholm showroom - it was love at first sight. They needed to manage access control in their building and wanted to do it in a welcoming way, without compromising security for design.

Entrances to Suit Your Style

The security team at EVRY had heard that they could customise the design of our speed gates and settled, very happily, on the stylish ‘Black Edition’ of the Lifeline Speedlane Swing. From the first point of contact to the installation of the new entrance both parties from Boon Edam Sweden and EVRY worked closely together. Together, the project team made sure the speed gate was indeed the right product for the space, an appropriate design and fitting with the brand’s image – not to mention providing a premium security entrance solution as requested.

Seamlessly Integrated

This installation needed the cooperation of a system integrator, Bravida, who ensured that the Speedlane Swing was installed with cutting edge access control technology that communicated with the correct security personnel. This integration of technology is one of many which is possible via Boon Edam security access products. Other examples which one could integrate to level up your security are barcode scanners or biometrics, to name a few. The combination of this physical and technological access control delivers a highly effective solution. For more information on risk mitigation strategies read here.

Maintaining the Relationship

Today EVRY has a service and maintenance contract with Boon Edam to secure the uptime of their security solution. As with everything with moving parts, it was important to EVRY to have regular service and maintenance checks to extend the lifetime of their products.

A Strong Collaboration

Projects like these involve many collaborators, and for this one we are working with the below in our quest to secure the space:

The System Integrator: Bravida
The Client: EVRY Sweden
Boon Edam Project Leader: John Seiger

For further information, please contact:

Michelle Wortel 
Group Marketing Manager 
T: +31 (0)299 38 08 00 
E: michelle.wortel@boonedam.com

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