Boon Edam Helps Achieve First BREEAM-NOR Excellent Status


Schweigaards Street 21 and 23 in the Norwegian capital of Oslo is the first building to be awarded the prestigious sustainable building BREEAM-Nor ‘Excellent  Design and Projecting’ certificate. It is one of the first buildings to take part in a project to implement international sustainable building standards in Norway.

Sustainable Building

Schweigaards Street 21 and 23 were developed by real estate agency ROM Eiendom to house the headquarters of insurance company Gjensidige Forsikring ASA and the Norwegian National Railway company. As part of a project to implement international sustainable building standards in Norway, the building aimed to be a benchmark for green projecting. The project paid particular attention to the user experience as well as the environmentally friendly properties.

Sustainable Design

In a well-insulated building as much as 50% of all energy loss occurs through and around doors and windows; the entry was therefore an important part in ensuring the sustainability of the new buildings. The ROM Eiendom, together with Lund & Slaatto architects and Skanska Norge AS, the main contracter, therefore contacted global market leader Boon Edam to advise them on the entry.

Sustainable Entry

A revolving door is the most environmentally friendly entry solution in the world. Although a revolving door is always open to visitors, it remains closed to outside influences such as heat and cold. As the conditioned inside air is not displaced, less energy is needed to maintain a comfortable inside climate. For Schweigaards street 21 and 23 the Duotour two wing revolving door was chosen as the main entry as it offered the perfect balance of energy saving properties while still maintaining comfortable access for people with special needs as per the Norwegian building regulations.

“We are proud to be a part of such an innovative project in Norway.” says Bjørn Petter Korsedal, Account Manager with Boon Edam AS, “Buildings have a major effect on our environment and by building sustainably we can therefore make a contribution to halting global warming. We can only applaud the efforts by ROM Eiendom and other companies like them that help implement sustainable building standards such as BREEAM and LEED.”

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