Boon Edam first Revolving Door manufacturer to release BIM objects of their products


As the acknowledged world market leader in Revolving Doors, Boon Edam is one of the most innovative companies in its field. Today the company announced that they are again at the forefront of a new trend in the market and are the first manufacturer of Revolving Doors to release BIM objects of their products.

“We have a long history working closely with architects and others in the construction industry and are learning about the advantages of BIM for our customers. We have created BIM objects for our products to make it as easy as possible for those using BIM to incorporate our objects into their design model.” says Michelle Wortel, Marketing Manager.

In cooperation with EGM Architects , a leading Dutch architectural agency with broad experience working with BIM, Boon Edam has developed BIM objects for four Revolving Doors:

Crystal Tourniket


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