Green Tower Office – Building a Sustainable Future


Skanska is one of the world’s leading project development and construction groups, working on a wide variety of projects across the globe. Their mission being to develop, build and maintain the physical environment for living, travelling and working, Skanska strongly believes in sustainability. It therefore comes as no surprise that when they decided to build a new office in Gothenburg, Sweden, it was intended to become one of the most environmentally friendly buildings in the world.

The Green Tower Office Building is 60 metres tall. Located in the heart of Gothenburg, it offers 25.000 square metres office space, the majority of which is occupied by Skanska’s offices. The project was first started in 2004 and although achieving LEED Platinum status was not one of the original main goals, Skanska chose to incorporate low emission solutions whenever possible. Although the recent global financial crisis and the extremely week leasing market that it caused, Skansa decided to stick to the original plan.

Sustainable building

Today Henrik Ahnström, project leader, is glad that they did: “Green Tower Office Center is a new Green landmark. This new office project is the first LEED platinum building in Gothenburg, Sweden and in Skanska’s own property register.”

The building has mainly gained its LEED Platinum status because of the materials used and the built-in resources. Skanska has used low emission building materials where available and has included an efficient and low-energy air handling system and utilises locally produced wind power and district heating as well as a high degree of heat recovery. The green roof moreover collects and neutralises storm water. Overall the building uses 85 kWh/m2 energy per year: 28% less than what Swedish building codes demands from commercial building.

Sustainable entrance

For the main entrance to Scandinavia’s most energy efficient building, a revolving door was the obvious choice. As Skanska has had a long working relationship with Boon Edam and is very familiar with the quality, design and support offered, Katarina Niklasson from Skanska contacted us for our help and input. Together we decided that the Tourniket revolving door would be the best suitable solution. This versatile revolving door could easily be adapted to the increased height required by the design and its energy saving design and construction ensured it fit perfectly with Skanska’s goals. 

Sustainable design

Our Tourniket, like all Boon Edam revolving doors, works along the “always open, always closed” principle that ensures that the entry remains open and welcoming to visitors but keeps heat or cold, rain and noise out. As there is less opportunity for the outside air and the conditioned inside air to mix, a more comfortable working environment can be achieved and energy can be saved on heating or cooling the building. On average this ensures that 8 times less air is exchanged through a revolving door than through a normal sliding or swinging door.



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