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Celebrating The Art of Scalable Security

Boon Edam has recently returned from another successful exhibition at Security Essen in Germany. If you stopped by to chat with us, we are so pleased you did. If you, however, missed out… keep reading as all you need to know is coming up.

Drawing Your Own Conclusions – A Caricature

This year there was a buzz around our stand with our resident Dutch caricature artist – Johan van Dam from All Cartoons. Johan had everyone captivated while he stole 5 minutes with each person to capture their personality on the back of the Boon Edam beer mat. Did you manage to get yours done? We’d love to see the results. Send an email to us on

Our daily happy hour between 4 – 5pm was also a great success and we really enjoyed sharing some social time with both new and old friends and colleagues. This is a tradition we plan to keep going across all our countries around the world. Collaborating and coming together in this way is a wonderful way to secure partnerships and make plans.

We had so much to share with you this year, and have all the latest product news, innovations and interesting security articles in one limited edition newspaper here. If you do not want to miss out – grab yourself a copy here.

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The Art of Scalable Security - Best on Show

On a more serious note, our stand was all about The Art of Scalable Security and we really stood out this year as being warm, welcoming and having an ideal solution to an easy decision when it comes to the perfect security entrance solution.

Sometimes you need more than the standard, premium entrance. Now you can work with your entry expert to 'Level Up' in the areas or criteria that matter most to your specific project. Take back the power and fine-tune your own solution. Installing the right product for the right projects plays a huge role in an entrance into a space.

Let them walk you through an easy process of ensuring you will install the correct product based on 7 fundamental considerations:

  • Throughput
  • Security
  • Safety
  • Aesthetics
  • Technology
  • Comfort and
  • Service

Whether you are a security manager, contractor or architect, using the BoonSelect Solution Mapping Tool and deciding on where you need to Level Up to fine-tune your entry solution is the most secure way to a well-rounded security entrance.

Contact your local entry expert to find out more

Level Up and Fine-tune where it Matter Most

If our standard specifications do not quite suit your need, we open up opportunities for you to ‘Level Up’ where it counts most. You can also do this according to your most motivating value driver. Below you can find out a little more about how you can adapt your entrance to best suit your application for our product range. Talk to your entry expert who is trained to work with you to know where you will get the most impact in terms of levelling up in the areas most essential to you.

  • Throughput - Add: Diameter / width / height / configurations
  • Security - Add: Additional sensors / StereoVision / locking / protective packages
  • Safety - Add: Fail-safe / fail-secure / warning decals / audio and visual cues
  • Aesthetics  - Add: Material  colour / shape / branding
  • Technology  - Add: Biometrics / Access Control
  • Comfort - Add: Climate control / disabled entry / lighting / energy saving mode
  • Service - Add: Service levels / training / maintenance contracts

High Level Security Solutions:

When security is critical, high security revolving doors and portals have been proven to prevent intrusion. Although security doors and portals differ in a number of ways, their commonality lies upon their ability to take pressure off employees by eliminating instances of tailgating or piggybacking. When coupled with biometric and access control devices, security doors and portals work to support regulatory compliance, risk and liability reduction and accurate metrics collection.

Introducing the NEW Circlelock Combi

With all of the security features of a high security portal, the Circlelock Combi is a retrofit option for companies looking to save on both space, and construction, renovation costs and have the additional protection of a fire-rated door. Get acquainted with the newest family member of this range earlier than anybody else.

The All New Interlocking High Security Portal

The Circlelock Combi is a half portal that can be attached to a swinging door, either on the secure or non-secure side of the sensitive area. On authorisation, the first door opens allowing a user to enter the portal. Integrated sensors confirm whether the user is alone and if so, the second door opens, completing the passage into the secure area. A secondary biometric system (by others) can be used to confirm identity inside the portal. 

Key Benefits

  • High protection
  • Anti-piggybacking 
  • Anti-tailgating
  • Reduced/eliminated guard salary allows for quick ROI
  • Supports two- or multi-factor authentication for identity confirmation
  • Reduce renovation / construction costs by mounting portal to existing swinging doors
  • Rapid technical troubleshooting for reduced downtime
  • Easily integrates with multiple access control systems or reception / security desk
  • Endless flexible options available to customise or Level Up


Medium Level Security Solutions

When it is essential to balance security and visitor management, entrance solutions that detect tailgating and piggybacking attempts are key. Our speed gate solutions provide a strong visual obstacle against intrusion, and, when coupled with biometric and access control devices, can raise alarms to alert guard staff of unauthorised entry in real time. The physical barrier supports regulatory compliance and risk reduction at companies across the globe.

Meet the Lifeline Boost

Our best-selling Lifeline series of speed gates have now evolved to include a new family member. Find out more about the Lifeline Boost, an access control pedestal that blends in seamlessly with this popular series of speed gates.

Newly Released Access Control Pedestal

Our best-selling Lifeline series provides welcome and secure access within the built environment since 2015. We are now taking the series to the next level by introducing the Lifeline Boost, an access control pedestal suitable to house a card reader, card collector, barcode scanner and any number of biometric integration devices.

Key Features

  • A choice of 3 models
  • Slim and modern design
  • Ergonomic design for customer comfort
  • Tapered V-shape
  • Very small footprint
  • Energy saving sleep mode function
  • Unique and intuitive sensors detect approaching visitor
  • Intelligent and proven LED lights guide easy and clear passage
  • Comfortable height
  • No need to cable through the floor
See For Yourself:


Elevator Destination Control

Be amazed by the coming together of two innovative technologies and experience how you can now have the best of both worlds.

A Perfect Union – Two Technologies Marry into One Solution

Boon Edam’s slimmest speed gate on the market can now house cutting edge lift destination technology from one of the world’s leading manufacturers of elevators. We will have this latest partnership innovation on display at Essen and invite you to come and experience for yourself. Find out more about this collaboration here.

Low Level Security Solutions

These solutions are appropriate for building perimeters, supervised locations, or any location that is looking to control large crowds or fit a solution for paid (and monitored) access. They may also be used for “exit only”, allowing people to leave but deterring them from entering.

Incorporating an intelligent software and a user friendly dashboard enables a company the opportunity to make clever decisions – based on actual collected data. This waist-height conceptual turnstile acts as a low security deterrent, whilst the associated data collection software offers the means to increase revenue by upselling or increase ROI by saving on staff during proven quiet times.

Stop Buying Turnstiles and Start Investing in Data Intelligence

Stop paying others to manage and capture your critical customer information.
Stop giving away control of your loyal and potential customers.
Start taking it back.
Start enhancing your customers’ experience.
Start profiting.

Welcome to the world of MONITORED ACCESS

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