Boon Edam United Kingdom Releases a Digital Platform of Inspiration

Last week saw the launch of a new online platform in the United Kingdom. Boon Edam Limited has been hard at work the past few months producing inspiring content aimed specifically at architects.

Showcasing Entrance Projects in Top London Locations

The digital editorial platform provides the visitor with high quality content based around our two major areas of expertise – bespoke revolving doors and security barriers. We go inside the workings of the esteemed department store, Fortnum and Mason and speak to their Head of Property as well as bring you insights from the Senior Architect at Martin Brudnizki Design Studio – Katharine Briggs.

View the Video, Listen to the Interviews and Download the Case Study Here

Effective Aesthetics in the Financial District

Collaborating with our architectural and security partners has given us in-depth knowledge about the rising need to create a secure entrance environment without any sacrifice on design. There is a growing trend evolving around architects rising up to the challenge of conscious and responsible design.

The digital platform goes into depth about this movement where the visitor can download the trend report and watch a video which will leave you convinced that security is on-trend.

See the Inspirational Pieces Here

Myself and my team are available to guide you through the process from conceptualisation, engineering, installation and beyond, “says David Godden-Duske, Architectural Consultant, Boon Edam Limited. “We have some super inspirational stories and ideas to share to ensure your project not only meets the requirements, but shines head and shoulders above aesthetic expectations.

The brand new inspirational platform is available to all and can be explored here: 

The Inspirational Platform

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