Design Orientation


The form given to the Lifeline series is sleek, ergonomic and refined. The tapered shape of the Speedlane, seen from all angles, gives the illusion of spaciousness and a much smaller footprint. Containing the slimmest products in the industry with a sleek design, an almost invisible gateway is created, inviting the user to enter. Combined with a mirror panel at its base, the product floats within the mobility hotspot giving a sense of futurism.

The form is accentuated by a whole array of colour options. Changeable to the latest design trends, the product takes the form of a chameleon, blending-in or standing-out from its surroundings. Whether making a statement, fitting with corporate identity colours or creating a harmonious interior design, the Lifeline series makes a design statement in its own right.

In fitting with the latest design trends, the Lifeline Series is available with the current trending colour finishes:

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