Sustainability Developments: Where We Stand

Boon Edam Blog | April 2019

Customers are demanding more and more from companies when it comes to sustainability. Nowadays, as an example, a building and it’s owners need to make the necessary steps to ensure that certain energy ratings are met. Some customers are even insisting on criteria such as a LEED-certified building. At Boon Edam we are constantly working on sustainability and we follow the industry developments and trends closely

Trend or Strict Requirement?

In Europe, there has been a definite shift towards seeing the energy label emerge as a strict requirement, rather than a fleeting trend. These days we mostly hear about BREEAM and LEED: standards and guidelines for sustainable construction. I expect that these types of guidelines will increasingly become more and more of a strict requirement – especially when it comes to tenders. If I look at the developments in Scandinavia in particular, then meeting BREEAM or LEED standards is already a mandatory condition. In the future, it is looking like you will have to give your accountability to these standards and guidelines upfront in the tender process.

EPD: Let’s Talk About the Facts

Wouldn’t it be useful if you could get all the necessary customised information for each project from your supplier. Information about transport, environmental aspects and raw materials, for example. At Boon Edam we are continuously busy developing multiple Environmental Product Declarations (EPD), you can take a look at the most recent EPD document of our Tourniket revolving door. An online tool will also soon be available for our customers. This tool will enable you to have access to all the relevant information about access solutions at the push of a button. You can then use that valuable information to calculate the score for your project or tender.

Responding to Sustainability

The online tool will show how we, as a supplier, intent to respond to trends and strict demands when it comes to sustainability. We believe that we too should do our bit to leave our world in good health for future generations. It is for this reason that we are so committed and enthusiastic about the circularity requirements that arise around our world.

Here at Boon Edam we have our own environmental procedures for recycled materials and our production residues: more than 80% of the material can be collected separately. We think about questions such as: how can we reuse materials from our access solution products without compromising on their quality?

As a manufacturer, we also try to respond as well as possible to the demand for sustainable products and to contribute to obtaining a BREEAM or LEED certificate. That is why our revolving doors are, as standard, equipped with a number of extra energy-saving functions, including draft brushes with inserts, (smart) LED lighting, intelligent sensors, etc.

Sustainable quality is our goal.

Read more about BREEAM or read more about the LEED.

Daniëlle van Koert - Bakker


Daniëlle has been working at Boon Edam for almost 9 years. Beginning her career in 2010 at Boon Edam BV, she moved over in 2016 to the International division where she is now the Quality & Sustainability Manager. In this exciting role Daniëlle has multiple responsibilities, including sustainability. Under the sustainability commitment is, among other things, the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) project including  the tools being created so that they can be transferred to the business and continue to add premium value to our customers.


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