Protecting Your Corporate Headquarters

Boon Edam Blog | November 2018

Whatever industry you work in, your corporate headquarters are premises that you will want to keep safe and secure. However, the traditional 9-5 model for employees is a thing of the past - and that can make things much more complicated.

To make sure you are properly protected, it is first necessary to consider the directions from which the threats might come. Here is a quick overview of the various factors to consider, and what you can do.

The Challenges

While it has always been important to make sure corporate headquarters are properly protected, there are different challenges in the modern business world which can make it harder than ever.

The old-fashioned structure of working 9-5 and only while a manager is standing over you has become radically outdated. The evolution of technology and the blurring of global boundaries mean that it is far more common to work around the clock, with staff coming and going late into the night.

The other problem is one of territorial boundaries. Gone are the days when only a single firm occupied a building. Larger buildings mean it is now possible to accommodate more than one company, but that creates security risks of its own.

Start With the Basics

While you can do a lot to keep unwanted or unauthorised visitors out - and more about that below - it is always good practice to ensure that if anyone did get in, they would not be able to access anything important. Whether you are protecting sensitive data for clients or have confidential business information, it is essential to have the right procedures in place.

The procedures should start with a clear desk policy, backed up by being paperless as much as possible. It is far easier to protect yourself in cyberspace than to keep paper-based files secure.

At the end of every day, each desk should be cleared and any files or sensitive information placed in locked cupboards, with the keys, removed. Treat paper files like cash, and you will be on the right path to protecting the contents of your office.

Carry Out an Honest Assessment

Every security strategy has its weak spots, no matter how well planned it is, so carrying out an honest assessment is the first place to start. By understanding the areas where you are the most vulnerable, you will be able to put appropriate measures into place.

If your grounds are well lit and secure, the entrance and the exits are likely to be the areas which are the most exposed; the flow of visitors in and out can be unpredictable and busy. The good news is that there are plenty of security solutions and technology available which can protect without causing inconvenience.

The Solutions

You can start with gated access to the grounds, only granting entrance to those authorised. This strategy prevents any vehicle from being able to get too close unless you can identify them. The entrance can either be manned or remotely controlled; this provides you with the choice to find the solution that meets your budget.

For visitors arriving on foot, a full height turnstile can provide similarly controlled access to the grounds. The entrance to the building itself can be protected by revolving doors; these can be locked if necessary and provide full visibility of visitors arriving. 

The additional security measures fitted will depend on whether there is more than one company in the building or whether there are areas which are restricted. However, there is a range of access gates, security doors and portals which can be fitted to provide as much security as required. There are wheelchair friendly options too, ensuring that the premises are accessible by all.

Call the Entry Experts

If you would like to get some advice about how you could improve security at your corporate headquarters, give us a call. With more than 140 years of experience in creating corporate entry solutions, we are the entry experts who can help.

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