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Flexible Security in Corporate Co-Working Spaces | Trend Report

With the rising trend of corporate office real estate moving towards shared working environments, it stands to reason that an effective security strategy needs to be developed in line with this pattern and ensure that the safety and security of everyone are catered for. Sharing is Caring Across the globe, big names such as WeWork and Spaces are well established, and many more can be seen popping up in all major cities. What we also see is not only freelancers and start-ups taking advantage of these places but also larger companies are now setting entire floors aside to allow for employees to encourage like-minded people to collaborate and innovate and breath a new lease on life into one company. The current thinking is for corporates to start to plan to incorporate co-working into part of their growth strategies – allowing people from all kinds of departments the choice to work on projects with others outside of their normal roles. Trend Report Office Real Estate Flexible Security Solutions.png In the Netherlands, we have seen a marked increase in this working space trend since 2008. During the economic crisis, many people were left without a fixed job and had to begin their own businesses as a way to survive. The above map graphic takes the statistics from ( people registering their co-working spaces and clearly demonstrates the surge in this lifestyle and work choice within a relatively short time-frame. The concept of shared working spaces has evolved rapidly into what was once perceived to be a bit ‘new-age’to a booming industry where the demands are to have a secure, modern facility which is well-managed. These buildings are often in prime locations in the city and need to provide cutting-edge technology and amenities to retain the inhabitants Welcome Yet Secure The beauty of shared spaces is that people flexibly use them. They come and go without being on a schedule and need to have freedom of movement. The challenge for real estate owners is to ensure this freedom is not compromised by enforcing heavy security measures which would not only create the wrong image but could discourage use of these shared creation points. Trend Report Office Real Estate Flexible Security Solutions-2.png.jpg "WeWork has helped us expand by giving us a level of flexibility we'd be hard-pressed to find elsewhere,” says McKenzie-Landelle, a member at WeWork 41 Corsham St. “We've gone from two to 16 people, and WeWork has had the perfect solution for every team size and problem we've thrown at them." A reliable infrastructure in these environments is one of the most fundamental demands and security is top of mind in today’s unstable political climate. Different people have different security needs so, as a building owner,  you need to consider who you are catering for and what their specific needs might be. Some groups like to have access to work 24 / 7 with no limitation to access of the shared facilities, while others like to have the flexibility to work between the shared space and home (and leave items safely behind). Trend Report Office Real Estate Flexible Security Solutions-3.png.jpg Not all Security is Equal A co-working ecosystem has many options to consider. Below are just a few (each with their own pros and cons): A manned reception desk to handle access passes and queries Access control on the main door connecting to a central security point Night-locking revolving doors High security revolving doors for a keyless approach CCTV Cameras Lockable storage cabinets or areas Smartphone access for convenience Sufficient lighting to give a sense of security to those working late Security speed lanes for seamless and attractive access in the reception area Building location – in a ‘good’ area Safe emergency egress and evacuation plan Secured and trusted Wifi such as VPN and guest Wifi for visitors / non-members A carefully thought-through visitor policy Maximising Security To optimise your security in these very public areas is critical. Having a modern, trusted security workspace management software which integrates with all of your products in all areas is the secret to success. People are demanding user-friendly access and want to have a hassle-free entry, billing, visitor management etc. It is important for your members to know they will be safe in the event of a fire, emergency or active shooter event as well as security within the walls of their chosen work environment. A layered approach to security is also an effective approach, starting with an access controlled security revolving door, which is designed to prevent piggybacking and tailgating security breaches and work independently of a security guard. Further in the ecosystem, you could install speed lanes and even a high security portal at the entrance to very sensitive areas where confidential collaboration needs to happen or where sensitive data is being stored. You could even look at lower forms of security such as tripod turnstiles or full height turnstiles if your building caters for outside spaces as well. To learn more about how you can create a welcome and secure co-working space contact a member of our experienced team of entry experts today.   For further information, please contact: Michelle Wortel Global Marketing Manager T: +31 (0)299 38 08 00 E

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Pharm Research Associates Ltd. – Swansea, United Kingdom

Pharmaceutical Company Opt for Boon Edam Security Door in a Retrofit Project Swansea, United Kingdom - Pharm Research Associates Ltd is a research centre founded in 1996, which provides commercial, physical and biological research and development. The company had previously installed a Crystal Tourniket revolving door at their Reading Head Office and turned, once again, to Boon Edam for expert advice on their Swansea upgrade. Pharm Research Associates needed to refurbish the entrance at their facility based in Swansea. Before the refurbishment, the entrance at the Swansea site had a revolving door installed which was not a Boon Edam product. The pre-existing door was beginning to lose functionality, and Pharm Research Associates required an upgraded replacement. Access Controlled Entry Pharmaceutical companies require enhanced levels of security due to sensitive data which is, more often than not, held on site. There is always a critical need to monitor and control who is entering the building, ensuring unauthorised access and security risks are prevented. Besides requiring an access control solution to support the company’s high security requirements, there was a more general need for the traffic flow of people entering and exiting the building to be controlled.   The client worked closely with Boon Edam to establish potential threats and ensure the appropriate level of security was incorporated into the new entry solution. It was important for the selected product to be correct, not only to meet the buildings requirements, but also to fit with the existing culture. Initially, there were concerns from on-site employees about the perceived access issues brought on by heightened security measures. “The original door was installed by another entrance provider, not only was it an old performing product, it was obvious to me that the door did not serve the true purpose of what our client required,” said Neil Simons, National Sales Manager for Boon Edam Limited. PRAHS_Swansea_Project.jpg A Confident and Thorough Evaluation Boon Edam’s team met with the client to present a range of possibilities and provided reassurance that heightened security would not be problematic, or affect the smooth operation of the entrance. Upon evaluating the range of entry options, the client chose Boon Edam’s automatic Tourlock 180 revolving door with an aluminium finish for Pharm Research Associates’ entrance. The client decided on a Tourlock 180 high security revolving door with four wings and an added one-way weight system for their upgraded entrance. The Tourlock’s weight system offers a high level of anti-tailgating detection and has sensitive scales integrated into the floor of the door to assess the weight of the visitor. The system is set to a pre-defined weight limit, ensuring that any tailgating attempt is also effectively prevented. For further information, please contact: Michelle WortelGlobal Marketing ManagerE

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