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Boon Edam Germany Award Building

Double Win for Boon Edam in Germany

Düsseldorf, Germany, February 2018 – Boon Edam GmbH finished the year on a high after a milestone company celebration, coupled with receiving two prestigious awards.   Partnerships Seal the Deal After five solid years of working together, Thermen & Badwelt Sinsheim has honoured Boon Edam in Germany with an acclaimed certificate that acknowledges our trusted and successful relationship together. As partners, we have developed, project managed and reached the economic goals for entrance solutions at this premium wellness group. Our installations there include a unique revolving door in the water, leading into their bathing experience. Boon Edam is really proud of their role in creating a tranquil place of rest, relaxation and well-being with this customer. Construction Celebrations Adding to the list of accolades, Buthmann Ingenieur-Stahlbau metal workers have been awarded the German Metal Construction Award for 2017 under the category ‘Best Steel Construction’. This award was given for the glass steel construction of this lobby entrance of the Hanse Merkur Versicherung in Hamburg. Our Crystal Tourniket stands proudly within this space and we are delighted to be associated with this recognition.  Hip Hip Horray It was a silver celebration as Boon Edam in Germany celebrated 25 years of business recently. The years have been witness to many changes including city relocations, steady growth of both people and products and, of course, the introduction of the popular security range of products. Read the full story here.    For further information, please contact: Michelle WortelMarketing MangerT +31 (0)299 38 08 00E

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Corporate Update News Feb 2018

Latest News from Boon Edam - Corporate Update February 2018

Edam, the Netherlands, February 2018 – We have had a busy couple of months at Boon Edam and wanted to make sure you remain in touch with our latest news and developments.   Recent Trade Shows Boon Edam at Intersec - Dubai At the end of January our colleagues showcased a selection of high security products at Intersec Dubai, the world's leading trade fair for Security, Safety and Fire protection. Our Lifeline speedgates and Circlelock high security portal received a lot of positive feedback and attention as we continue to make our mark in the EMEA region.  Read more about our high security products.   Lifelines at SwissBau with Gilgen  Key players in the construction and real estate sector gathered at SwissBau 2018 in Basel, Switzerland at the start of this year. Our Lifelines could be seen on the Gilgen stand as they have agreed to exclusively promote and sell our series for the Swiss market. Boon Edam is delighted to align with the Gilgen brand in this area and we are looking forward to working together with them in Switzerland. Click here for more information about our Lifelines.   Asis 2017 – The Best Booth Yet  The ASIS 2017 exhibition, held in Dallas, was a little different from our other shows.  Despite the terrible weather from Hurricane Harvey and Irma, we managed to overcome the challenges and host a successful event in a great space. The show catered for security industry professionals and throughout the 3-day event we kept hearing the same 4 words expressed: “The Best Booth Yet.”  Certifications  New ISO 14001 Certificate Now Available  We are happy to announce that the newest ISO 14001 certificates are available for downloading on our website. This important document states that Boon Edam operates in compliance with the latest international standards required for effective environmental management systems (EMS).   Hot off the Press  140 years in 2 minutes  Have you ever wondered where the long history of Boon Edam came from? Take a look at our delightful new heritage animation. A journey down the road with us from where we began, where our unusual name came from through to who and where we are today. Watch the video below to view our 140 year history in 2 minutes.     Video of Heritage Story of Boon Edam    For further information, please contact: Michelle WortelMarketing MangerT +31 (0)299 38 08 00E

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Boon Edam United Kingdom Launch Inspirational Platform

Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom – This week saw the launch of a brand new online platform where like-minded individuals can come together to be inspired around entry solutions.  Boon Edam has been manufacturing revolving door and security barriers for decades and recently reached out to London architects to be not only inspired, but responsible when considering their entry spaces design and concepts. The fresh and visually exciting platform offers truly unique insights into the world of entrance solution customisation and collaboration. At its core, the platform delivers handpicked, relevant and important stories around entry solutions and combined partnerships between Boon Edam and architects. Security On-Trend – The New Standard in Architecture In a move to speak out about the need for secure yet aesthetically pleasing entry solutions, Boon Edam has created a high-end production supported by a thought-provoking trend report around the high-rise world of designer security. The unique digital space delivers in-depth expertise as well as an opportunity to connect with the right partner for specific architectural projects. Fortnum and Mason – A Unique Entry for a Unique Customer To bring the stories to life, the Boon Edam internal experts and production team from Red International Marketing and Communication Agency travelled to London’s theatre district to interview and film the bespoke Wood and brass statement revolving door at the world-renowned restaurant at 45 Jermyn Street. Footage on the platform includes honest conversation from the enthusiastic Lisa Phillips, Head of Property at Fortnum and Mason to Senior Design from Martin Brudnizki Design Studio – Katharine Briggs. Both parties contribute some interesting observations into the world of creative collaboration between all the invested parties. Paul Farmer, Managing Director of Red International Communication said, "We started at the top with high-end, bespoke products that had been purchased by prestigious customers in one of the biggest cities in the world – and so this should reflect positively in the case study materials that we produce. It was great to work with such high-quality and technologically advanced products, and to learn how happy the customers and their architects are with the service they experienced with Boon Edam." Visit the Inspirational Platform here For Further Information, Please Contact: Michelle WortelMarketing ManagerT +31 (0)299 38 08 00E

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Boon Edam United Kingdom Releases a Digital Platform of Inspiration

Last week saw the launch of a new online platform in the United Kingdom. Boon Edam Limited has been hard at work the past few months producing inspiring content aimed specifically at architects. Showcasing Entrance Projects in Top London Locations The digital editorial platform provides the visitor with high quality content based around our two major areas of expertise – bespoke revolving doors and security barriers. We go inside the workings of the esteemed department store, Fortnum and Mason and speak to their Head of Property as well as bring you insights from the Senior Architect at Martin Brudnizki Design Studio – Katharine Briggs. View the Video, Listen to the Interviews and Download the Case Study Here Effective Aesthetics in the Financial District Collaborating with our architectural and security partners has given us in-depth knowledge about the rising need to create a secure entrance environment without any sacrifice on design. There is a growing trend evolving around architects rising up to the challenge of conscious and responsible design. The digital platform goes into depth about this movement where the visitor can download the trend report and watch a video which will leave you convinced that security is on-trend. See the Inspirational Pieces Here “Myself and my team are available to guide you through the process from conceptualisation, engineering, installation and beyond, “says David Godden-Duske, Architectural Consultant, Boon Edam Limited. “We have some super inspirational stories and ideas to share to ensure your project not only meets the requirements, but shines head and shoulders above aesthetic expectations.” The brand new inspirational platform is available to all and can be explored here:  The Inspirational Platform

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