Boon Edam United Kingdom Launch Inspirational Platform

Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom – This week saw the launch of a brand new online platform where like-minded individuals can come together to be inspired around entry solutions.  Boon Edam has been manufacturing revolving door and security barriers for decades and recently reached out to London architects to be not only inspired, but responsible when considering their entry spaces design and concepts. The fresh and visually exciting platform offers truly unique insights into the world of entrance solution customisation and collaboration. At its core, the platform delivers handpicked, relevant and important stories around entry solutions and combined partnerships between Boon Edam and architects. Security On-Trend – The New Standard in Architecture In a move to speak out about the need for secure yet aesthetically pleasing entry solutions, Boon Edam has created a high-end production supported by a thought-provoking trend report around the high-rise world of designer security. The unique digital space delivers in-depth expertise as well as an opportunity to connect with the right partner for specific architectural projects. Fortnum and Mason – A Unique Entry for a Unique Customer To bring the stories to life, the Boon Edam internal experts and production team from Red International Marketing and Communication Agency travelled to London’s theatre district to interview and film the bespoke Wood and brass statement revolving door at the world-renowned restaurant at 45 Jermyn Street. Footage on the platform includes honest conversation from the enthusiastic Lisa Phillips, Head of Property at Fortnum and Mason to Senior Design from Martin Brudnizki Design Studio – Katharine Briggs. Both parties contribute some interesting observations into the world of creative collaboration between all the invested parties. Paul Farmer, Managing Director of Red International Communication said, "We started at the top with high-end, bespoke products that had been purchased by prestigious customers in one of the biggest cities in the world – and so this should reflect positively in the case study materials that we produce. It was great to work with such high-quality and technologically advanced products, and to learn how happy the customers and their architects are with the service they experienced with Boon Edam." Visit the Inspirational Platform here For Further Information, Please Contact: Michelle WortelMarketing ManagerT +31 (0)299 38 08 00E

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Boon Edam United Kingdom Releases a Digital Platform of Inspiration

Last week saw the launch of a new online platform in the United Kingdom. Boon Edam Limited has been hard at work the past few months producing inspiring content aimed specifically at architects. Showcasing Entrance Projects in Top London Locations The digital editorial platform provides the visitor with high quality content based around our two major areas of expertise – bespoke revolving doors and security barriers. We go inside the workings of the esteemed department store, Fortnum and Mason and speak to their Head of Property as well as bring you insights from the Senior Architect at Martin Brudnizki Design Studio – Katharine Briggs. View the Video, Listen to the Interviews and Download the Case Study Here Effective Aesthetics in the Financial District Collaborating with our architectural and security partners has given us in-depth knowledge about the rising need to create a secure entrance environment without any sacrifice on design. There is a growing trend evolving around architects rising up to the challenge of conscious and responsible design. The digital platform goes into depth about this movement where the visitor can download the trend report and watch a video which will leave you convinced that security is on-trend. See the Inspirational Pieces Here “Myself and my team are available to guide you through the process from conceptualisation, engineering, installation and beyond, “says David Godden-Duske, Architectural Consultant, Boon Edam Limited. “We have some super inspirational stories and ideas to share to ensure your project not only meets the requirements, but shines head and shoulders above aesthetic expectations.” The brand new inspirational platform is available to all and can be explored here:  The Inspirational Platform

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Warwick Hotel Rittenhouse Square Boasts Unique, Stylish Lobby Entrance with Revolving Door

Lillington, North Carolina, 16 March, 2017 – Boon Edam Inc., a global leader in security entrances and architectural revolving doors, today announced that the Warwick Hotel Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia, PA, is quite satisfied with the functioning and cost savings of their Boon Edam Tournex revolving door. The Tournex is an example of a classic automatic revolving door and is designed to handle high capacity applications. The historic building housing the Warwick Hotel Rittenhouse Square originally had a manual revolving door flush with the building’s facade. Somewhere along the way, it was decided to remove the relatively smaller gauge revolving door and replace the entrance with a double set of sliding doors. “Our HVAC system was designed for a revolving door entrance,” said Ray Hewitt, the hotel’s Director of Engineering, “we wanted to put a revolving door back in to address the negative pressure we were experiencing in the lobby.” That negative pressure was pulling in cold air during the winter months, and cooled, conditioned air was escaping out the double doors in the summer. During a complete lobby renovation project a few years back, designers worked to return to a revolving door lobby entrance. Because the Warwick is in a historic building, they could not change the facade of the building, so they pushed the entire entrance into the lobby itself. The architects and the designer chose a 12’ diameter Boon Edam Tournex automatic revolving door, with three door wings and a highly polished (mirror) stainless steel finish. The Boon Edam door is enclosed in a stylish glass cube, accented with purple neon lighting. Now, those entering the hotel first pass through a double set of sliding doors at the building envelope, leading to the revolving door. Swing doors are also available on either side of the revolving door to enter the lobby itself. The effect of the sliding doors and the revolving door in a cube is to virtually eliminate air flow from outside in, and vice versa. The Warwick has 301 hotel rooms and 106 permanent residents. On any given day, between guests, residents, staff, and visitors, up to 1000 people are passing through the entrance. Since the installation of the new entrance, the effect has been night and day—guest and visitors utilize the lobby space longer and in greater numbers. A big community table is usually filled all day long and the lobby is accented with attractive fireplaces. The hotel lobby also offers two full service food and beverage outlets (Bluestone Lane & Prime Rib Steakhouse), with a third to be announced sometime this year. In addition to a now grand sense of arrival and more useable, comfortable space, the new entrance is also paying dividends on energy savings. “With the old entrance, our HVAC was running constantly, it could not keep up. Now, the unit can shut down periodically; that’s good for the health of the system, and we’re seeing substantial savings on energy bills,” said Hewitt. The Boon Edam revolving door has an important feature for installations like a hotel or large office building—in the event of an emergency, the doors stop and the wings can be “book folded” to create wide open ingress and egress. The hotel has a maintenance contract with Advanced Door, but since installation the Boon Edam revolving door has been virtually trouble free. For Further Information, Please Contact:Tracie ThomasMarketing ManagerT 910 814 8239E For Media Queries, Please Contact:Bruce DoneffPublic RelationsT  843 476 3022E 

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Boon Edam Secures a Firm Presence at Security Essen 2016

ESSEN, GERMANY – Boon Edam International B.V. recently made a big impression with our uniquely themed ‘In Safe Hands’ stand at the Security Essen Expo. A gigantic LED screen showcasing the reasons why you are in safe hands with Boon Edam drew and captivated visitors for the full 4 day show period. Our stand was a real crowd pleaser and we experienced enthusiastic interest in our security doors, portals and speedlanes from all across the globe. Lifeline Continues to Intrigue Our previous stand at Essen was two years ago, where we launched our Lifeline series within the mysterious ‘black box’. This year saw the product unveiled for all to see and we continue to receive great feedback on the design lines and product intuition. The green strip lighting subtly built in to our stand design further enhanced this truly unique feature. Contributing to the Success Figures The official exhibition report indicates substantially higher ordering activities as well as an increased global presence at the show this year. 1040 Companies from 45 countries highlight the global playing field of the four days. Boon Edam is certainly one of the companies which have benefited from these conditions and certainly contribute to these official statistics. Digital and Networking Trend This year it was clear to see that the industry is rapidly evolving to become more and more digital and networked. More use is being made of smartphones, drones and high resolution cameras. Many exhibitors had impressive demonstrations during the show – smart security is where the future lies and Boon Edam is on-track to maintain our dominant position as an innovative entry expert. To find out more about our security products, feel free to take a look here: For more information, please contact Michelle WortelGroup Marketing MangerT: +31(0)299 38 08 00 E:

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New Lifeline Speedlane’s Slim Body Catches the Eye Down Under

SYDNEY, AUSTRAILIA – Boon Edam Australia recently installed their first order of the Lifeline Series Speedlane, speed gates. The smooth installation was for a company within the sensitive financial sector who had a low security need to control the access of their staff on various floors of their building. The installation coincided with a floor-by-floor refurbishment over 3 floors, with the average throughput per floor being 120. Innovative Tall Glass Solution The wide version of the Speedlane Swing speed gate is able to be supplied, as standard to a height of 1800mm, with an easy, clear passage of 915mm. In this particular installation, the client was determined that the clear gap when the doors were open was 1000mm – a non-standard specification. Working together, we were able to meet this customised need by lowering the door height to 1650mm, which reduced the overall weight. This innovative solution accommodated the extra wide passageway, and still remained within the safety tested limits of the product. Product Design Secured The Order Our, then, newly launched speed gate was first seen at last year’s Security 2015 exhibition held in Melbourne. The Security Manager for this project was so impressed by the product design, the order was secured almost right away. Slimness and high quality aesthetics were, without doubt, key design aspects in being awarded this contract. Alastair Russell, National Sales Manager, Boon Edam Australia says: "I remember the client was one of the first visitors to our exhibition stand that year and when he left us, I knew I had just secured the very first installation of the Lifeline series Speedlanes in Australia". Further Installations The same client has since secured a further order in another Sydney location of 4 double units spread over the same number of floors. Security Essen 2016 We will be showcasing this new addition to our Lifeline series Speedlanes at Security Essen 2016 between 27 – 30th September, and would love you to pop in and see us at stand number 3B84. This year’s exhibit promised to be well worth the trip with a stand full of aesthetic and intuitive safety products. To find out more about our intuitive Lifeline Series Speedlane Swing speed gates, please visit:   For more information, please contact: Royal Boon Edam International B.V.Michelle Wortel – Group Marketing ManagerT +31(0)299 38 08 00 E  

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Press release Winglock Swing

Boon Edam Launches the Slimmest Single Wing Access Gate

Edam, The Netherlands – Today, Royal Boon Edam International B.V. announced the launch of the Winglock Swing, an intuitive, elegant new single wing access gate. This gate is specifically designed to either coordinate with the contemporary Speedlane Lifeline series (as an additional specialised lane) or serve as stand-alone single installation. The Winglock Swing offers the user an effortless passageway with carefully thought-out, intuitive LED lights to guide even the most inexperienced visitor through to their destination. A combination of green, orange and red colours displaying static, pulsing and flashing signals effectively guide traffic through without any delays. Energy Saving at its Best The product’s developers have engineered sustainable operation on the lowest energy output possible so as to reduce the carbon footprint. Just 9W of energy is used in standby mode and 20W while in motion, a huge accomplishment considering the industry standard is an average of 200W. Secure, Stable and Customisable A new and substantial floor plate design alleviates the need for an additional supporting side post, which notably simplifies installation into the flooring. The gate comes standard in brushed stainless steel, but also has the option for a wide range of finishes or colours based on the trendy Business, Elements or Expressions series. Glass, colours and finishes can also be largely customised to suit your business and brand requirements. Daan van Beusekom, Product Manager, Royal Boon Edam International B.V. says: "There has been a gap in the market for a product which is affordable and accessible, and we have responded by introducing our sleekest access gate. We strive to provide simple and effortless user experiences through our products and are extremely proud that the Winglock Swing meets those requirements, and more." Elegant Disabled and Wide Lane Access Boon Edam is committed to comfortable and safe access for everyone. Free and easy passageway is guaranteed for wheelchairs, large luggage and trollies, making this lane a flexible solution to almost any space. Visit to learn more about the Winglock Swing and BoonTouch interface security authorisation options. For Further Information, Please Contact: Michelle WortelMarketing ManagerT +31 (0)299 38 08 00E

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